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Since its formation, BSS has established a hard-earned reputation for building expertly crafted. Prestigious homes with a focus on build quality and prestigious finishing, that’s why we are the builders richmond.
By being ever present throughout the design stages of a project and utilizing our expertise in structural and technical knowledge. BSS maintains control throughout the various stages of a construction through to the completion of a beautiful new home.
Our own project management team has amassed various plaudits, including NHBC Gold Awards and Considerate Constructor Awards.

Ever looking forward to building greener and increasingly sustainable homes, BSS have embraced the Modern Methods. Of Construction including ICF and SIPS and continue to strive to achieve excellence in building. Alongside our philosophy to build in as responsible and environmentally considerate a method as possible.

In Richmond, we are the crew you are looking for. We are builders in Richmond and consider us as refurbishments richmond, extensions richmond.
Our experience, combined with our client-based build approach and unceasing attention to detail guarantees a brilliant home for a discerning new owner.

As building methods, regulations and climate change demands constant re-positioning, our ethos remains the same.

Build it right and the value will always be instantly recognizable and appreciated.

We are Recommended builders West London.

Extensions and loft conversions – builders Richmond, ealing, refurbishments richmond

With a long history of building extensions, builders richmond, to a vast array of property types, BSS’ expertise in this field is widely known.

Successful project management ensures that a family can continue to use their home throughout the works and an understanding of what can and cannot be done. 

Both legally and physically, means that the home owner gets a surprise-free construction and a beautiful, home-changing addition to their property.

Our design team will help you understand how a space becomes most beneficial, the importance of light and of course the most cost effective and productive means of tailoring this knowledge to suit your home.

The legislation around home extensions varies depending on property type and area but in general, the following applies.

When trying to find west london contractors or builders west london for refurbishments, we are the building company that you seek.

A building company west london – as we are builders richmond.

Builders richmond, refurbishments richmond, extensions richmond  Builders richmond, refurbishments, extensions WK1-300x225 WK1Builders richmond, refurbishments richmond, extensions richmond  Builders richmond, refurbishments, extensions K21-300x200 K21Builders richmond, refurbishments richmond, extensions richmond  Builders richmond, refurbishments, extensions IMG_0277-300x225 IMG 0277

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