Property refurbishment is the single most misunderstood and sadly disrespected aspect of building in our industry today.
Whilst having the potential to hugely increase a property’s sale-ability or transform it into a home that is tailor-made perfect for its inhabitants; refurbishment work is all too often carried out without the required pre-planning or necessary expertise to succeed in its aims.
At BSS, we maintain the same crew of expert refurbishment specialists for all our projects, ensuring that we deliver the expected quality, over and again.
Our long held understanding of how older homes are built with older materials; how they move differently and how they respond to modern building techniques aids us in our sympathetic restoration and refurbishment practices.

Whether we are converting a Victorian property into a modern, open and conceptual space, restoring a Georgian interior to its stunning original glory or just making a tired and wounded home spring back to life; we have the know-how to get it ‘just right’.
Just as something as simple as an inappropriate paint finish can leave a room short of perfect, an ill-considered run of pipework under an original old floor can cause creaking and tapping that will continue to annoy long after the works have finished.
At BSS we bring all our experience and ‘dedication to detail’ to the fore, long before works start and maintain that attention to detail throughout the project. We believe that you and your input will make the difference and have the lasting effect on our works, and we will strive throughout to match your expectations to our efforts.
And if you want some guidance or additional creative ideas….? We have just the crew you need to be talking to…